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Who We Are

North Shore is your single source for flooring, glass, windows & doors, and custom metal products.

Since 1994, our businesses have provided unmatched flooring and glass solutions, backed by expert installation services, to custom builders, designers, and homeowners throughout the Georgian Triangle. 

The Glass Place and The Flooring Place have joined forces to create North Shore – the place for flooring, glass and more. Consolidating all our products under one roof sets the stage for our future, allowing for an expanded range of home finishing products, top-notch quality, and exceptional service for builders, designers, and homeowners with discerning tastes.



To deliver the highest quality products, installation, and service for our strategic builder partners and designers, resulting in an unmatched outcome and experience for the homeowner.

Our Community Responsibility

As part of the Georgian Triangle community, we are keenly aware of the importance of supporting our fellow community members with gainful employment.  Local employees and companies are crucial for our community as they are the ones that support our local sports teams, volunteer initiatives and community projects. When we all buy local we make our community stronger and more vibrant.

Little League Team Hands In

Our Values


Integrity forms the cornerstone of our business. Our enduring partnerships with builders and customers stand as evidence of our commitment to a philosophy that values ethical and transparent business practices. We are firm in our conviction that an ethical approach is the sole path to establishing and sustaining trust among clients, employees, and other stakeholders.


Every team member, from the leadership team to our skilled installers, is responsible for their actions, decisions, successes, and failures. We are firm believers that fostering a culture of shared accountability cultivates a more productive and collaborative work environment. Ultimately, this approach benefits everyone involved, including our valued clients and homeowners.


Our experience has demonstrated that when collaboration and open communication are embraced, innovative solutions emerge in material selection and design. Working together cultivates a sense of ownership and responsibility, propelling us toward a mutually successful outcome.


We adhere to the utmost standards of ethical and responsible business practices, upholding these principles in both our internal operations and external relationships. Consequently, we acknowledge responsibility for our actions and the impact our decisions have on the world around us, our employees, and those engaged in business with us.


Our workforce is our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment. We strictly adhere to all health and safety standards, offering continuous safety training to our employees and maintaining a zero-tolerance policy for any safety violations. Our commitment to safety extends beyond the confines of our facilities to the safety of the wider community. Our operational processes comply with all environmental and industrial regulations to uphold the well-being of both our employees and the community at large.


Our Team

One constant refrain we hear from our customers and homebuilder partners is that our people are terrific. And while it sounds like we’re bragging, we agree.  Every member of our team understands that we’re only successful when a customer is happy. We’re focussed on ensuring that your project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible – so much so that part of our compensation is based on customer satisfaction.

Our focus is on delivering excellent service to our strategic builder partners who value strong relationships with their trades such that we can repeat a high level of professionalism on each job. Our list of preferred builder partners is constantly evolving and below are just a few of the custom home builders we work with. We also provide services to some of the area's top Community Developers:

Custom Home Builders

Absolute Craftsmen
Baylyn Construction
Blake Farrow Project Management Inc
Coulter Dawe and Associates
Jasper Group Inc
J.W. Gordon Custom Homes Inc
Kühlhaus Custom Homes
Legendary Group
L. Patten & Sons Limited
Wright Way Renovations Ltd

Community Projects

Devonleigh Homes
Georgian Build Corp (Windfall since Phase 1, now on Phase 6/Mountain House Phase 1 and 2)
Sunvale Homes

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